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We are very glad that you have shown interest in the history of the development of our web studio "Viva IT Studio", and also want to know the further prospects of its development.

The idea of ​​creating our own web studio for website development arose in September 2013 and already on October 17 this year our site was published. Like many other firms, the web studio gradually began to develop, starting its way with the only page on the Internet, which contained prices for website development services. This is how she looked:

Soon, the client's personal account, portfolio, pages with detailed descriptions of projects and a module of useful information were developed and implemented. The site was enriched, but remained without design, as it was still drawn and approved.

Then they implemented the design, which was in place for two years:

Текущая версия дизайна сайта - это то, что вы видите сейчас, находясь на нашем сайте :)

The current version of the site design is what you see now while on our site :)

Time moves - technology changes, and our studio is also moving forward! Interesting ideas for the sites we create are constantly emerging and being implemented. Our specialists are improving their professional qualities, which allows us to release higher quality websites with exclusive designs. The complex of our work is aimed at creating and launching the competitive advantages of your company in the market.

The mission of Viva IT Studio is the development of beautiful, functional and useful websites for clients and high-quality customer service at all stages of the project (from idea to website launch). Providing comprehensive information on emerging issues, as well as the use of a personal account, where the client can observe the project development process - we do everything to ensure that you are always aware of all the events of your future site. Customer confidence is very important to us! Your direct participation in the project is also important: the quality of the product depends on how much the client trusts us and actively participates in the development process! Constant contact between developers and customers is the key to the successful development of the project! By contacting us, you will feel the comfort and pleasure of working with us!

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