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We pay special attention to the speed of the sites and the possibility of easy scaling of the site functions. The simplicity and flexibility of site management tools is the key to fast and convenient administration. When creating sites, we use the Django CMS site content management system, as it contains an intuitive administration interface.

Our studio is a developer of components for Django CMS, and today we have developed more than 25 components that will be useful for any site we produce, and more than 50 specific components for sites in different business sectors.

Technologies we use when creating websites

Service Business Library (SBL) is a component library created in our studio. The core of the library allows you to quickly and easily create intuitive and functional components for the site of any business sector.
python is a programming language.
django is a framework that allows you to quickly and easily create websites and information systems.
django cms is a site content management system that allows you to create an unlimited number of pages and place the necessary components in them.
html - the code of the site page, understandable by the browser.
css - site styles - determine the appearance of site elements.
js - script - adds interactivity to the site.
jquery is a library that makes it easy to add interactivity to your site.
ajax is a technology for performing any operations (data processing) without reloading the page.
mercurial, a version control system, manages versions of your site's code files and makes it easier to develop it together.
git - a version control system - manages the versions of the site's code files and makes it easier to develop it together.
postgresql is a database management system. Stores site content in a database.

The choice of python as a programming language along with the Django framework is not accidental. With the help of these technologies, we are able to write sites in a shorter time frame than we could do in other programming languages. With the help of Django, sites become flexible and easily scalable for the customer's business processes. Python, together with Django, allows you to create both simple landing pages or corporate sites, as well as complex high-load information systems.

Many large projects use Python with Django like Instagram or Dropbox. Separately, python, as a programming language, is used by large companies: Facebook, Google, Mozilla and others. The language code is used to perform certain functions, for example, a part of the player on YouTube, information search, etc. You can see our style of website creation on the page: How we create websites and information systems.

Code optimization techniques

In addition to using technology, it is important to be able to apply it and write clean, optimized code that will allow your site to load quickly and rank better in search results.

Optimizing your code

Our experience in the field of programming allows us to reduce the number of queries to the database, to static files (scripts, images, etc.). We also use advanced tools in the programming language to reduce the consumption of computer memory.

Resource caching

The technology allows you to save the downloadable site code with images on your computer. If the user reloads the page of the site, then it is instantly displayed in his browser.

Compression and splicing of resources

The site code, as a rule, includes dozens of different files. This technology glues dozens of homogeneous files into one and compresses it. Thus, the site code consists of several files with low weight. The fewer the files, the easier it is for the browser to load them.

Abbreviations of names

Sometimes a website page can contain tens of thousands of lines of code. Replacing full class names for html tags with short ones significantly reduces the amount of code, lightening page weight and allowing the browser to load the site faster.

For developers

Viva Library

We are glad to present to you, dear developers, our created Viva Library (VL), which has become free distribution since 2022 (under the MIT license).

It will make it easier for you to write your projects and create new django-cms components using Viva Library.

The Viva Library includes:


The core of the library, called vl_core, contains functions for various parts of the site.


Basic freeware components (plugins)

  1. Snippet. vl_snippet -

Old version SBL

Viva Library is a new rewrite and optimization of the previously created Service Business Library (SBL), which has become freely distributed since 2018 (under the MIT license).

The Service Business Library includes:


The core of the library, called sb_core, contains functions for various parts of the site.


Basic freeware components (plugins)

  1. Columns. sb_cols -
  2. File. sb_file -
  3. Picture. sb_picture -
  4. Gallery. sb_gallery -
  5. Slider. sb_slider -
  6. Link / Button. sb_link -
  7. Forms. sb_form_base -
  8. Style. sb_style -
  9. Snippet. sb_snippet -

You can find a description of how the components work on the corresponding pages in the Component store

Commercial components (plugins)

More advanced / specific components.

Closed for public use.

Utilities / Helper Applications

Helper applications that increase the speed of website development and simplify their administration.

Closed for public use.


We want as many developers as possible to choose the unique and advanced content management system Django-cms for their projects. And we will be glad if you try SBL library with plugins in your projects! Suggestions and comments are also welcome, which you can make in the form of tickets in the corresponding repositories.

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