How we serve sites

We can take over the administration of your site. You will not need to worry that the site may suddenly turn off due to non-payment of hosting or domain names - we will keep you informed about the timing of the renewal of all necessary services for the site to work.

We can also offer you site administration, namely:

  1. Filling the site with the information you provide.
  2. Creation and editing of texts on site pages.
  3. Working with comments.

Maintaining high speed of website performance is one of our main principles. We immediately design a site that can withstand heavy loads, be it high site traffic or complex computational calculations. Thanks to the optimized code and fine-tuning of the servers, the site can work quickly on low-power servers without losing the speed of its work. This allows us not to buy powerful, expensive servers for the stable operation of the site without losing the quality of the services provided, and the client does not pay a lot of money for hosting.

In addition, thanks to our affiliate program, you can get a 50% discount on the first year of hosting. More details on the page: Affiliate program

Each site is different in size with different requirements. Some need to come up with texts and post on the site, others follow the comments. Hence the difficulty arises in assessing the cost of maintenance, so each project is discussed individually.

Website maintenance cost

In order for the site to work on the Internet, it is necessary to make an annual payment for the domain name and hosting.

We offer you favorable conditions for hosting a site on our servers. We provide service for client sites.

Domain name

from $4,5

The domain name depends on the site zone
(zone ".ru" - from $4,5 / year; zone ".com" - $10 / year, etc.)


from $30

- Allocated hard disk size: 4 GB
- Additional size: 2 GB for 200 rubles. in year.
- The cost of placing more than 1 site: 100 rubles. per year for each subsequent site

Requirements for free space and cost of placement for more capacious information resources are agreed individually.

Additional services


Writing and posting articles, editing photos, posting additional goods or services, filling catalogs are agreed individually.

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