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The professional team of our studio has been creating websites since 2013. New technological opportunities allow us to create beautiful, useful and exclusive sites that bring real benefits, develop business and attract the attention of users.

Artem Maltsev

Web developer



Web designer,

Our goal is to provide a quality premium product or service at a relatively low cost. We want every client to be able to afford a quality website. We can help each company highlight its strengths with the tools we offer and be competitive both online and in life.

Our main directions:

  1. Creation of sites and information systems. Our studio not only develops websites, but also develops components that solve various problems: from the usual placement of a picture or gallery to the implementation of business tasks, such as placing land plots and booking apartments on the map, making applications and much more.
  2. Identity. Creating a unique corporate identity that will emphasize individuality and make you stand out in the market is what every company needs. We create original designs for websites, banners, business cards and other graphic materials that match the style and direction of your company.
  3. Advertising is one of the main tools for helping to communicate about your company and your services. We have a comprehensive approach to advertising: we help to promote clients' goods and services, like online contextual advertising, placement on different thematic sites; and offline - outdoor advertising, business cards, flyers, banners.
  4. Website maintenance. In addition to the main site maintenance (hosting and domain name), there are often tasks of placing goods on the site, writing articles or editing images, etc. By ordering site maintenance from us, you can be sure that every page of the site will be in order!
  5. Photo and video filming. A high-quality presentation of your product in the online store will increase the desire of customers to purchase your product. Stylish promo videos will give a quick and visual representation of your company and will be the most effective attraction of potential buyers.


And you can also be part of our team as a partner and make money with us!

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