How we carry out photo and video filming

To make your online store look stylish and in demand, you need professional photos of your product. We can offer you both object photography and photography of your company (offices, buildings, equipment, etc.) and their employees.

Many people neglect the quality of the photos and images of their products posted on the site. But in vain: low-quality photos on a stylish and beautiful site will nullify all its beauty. And also, by posting high-quality photographs on the site, you show respect for your business. And this increases customer confidence!

Do you want to gain even more customer confidence and stand out from other firms? Order the creation of promo videos in our studio.

A good video can tell about you and your company in the most accessible way and increase brand awareness. With the help of a video, you can place an infographic that will tell you who you are and what you do in the most accessible way. A visitor to your site will undoubtedly be interested, and he will have more desire to buy your product or use services.


Photography (buildings, offices, equipment, employees) - $45 / hour
Shooting outside the studio takes place in good weather.
Rent of a photo studio is paid separately according to the price list of the selected photo studio.

Promo clip

from $200

The duration of the video is up to 1 minute

Video clip

from $150

Specialist. effects are paid additionally - from $75

Subject photography

High-quality photos of your product are the key to a successful online store! The product showcase significantly increases the level of user confidence in the presence of good quality photos.

* A simple object is characterized by clear geometric edges, without glare coatings, without transparent packaging.

* The middle object is a more complex geometric shape and has parts of different materials.

* A complex object (or a composition of objects) is distinguished by many heterogeneous faces, the presence of thin details, transparent or reflective coatings, and the presence of a wrapper.

Photo processing is included in the cost of subject photography. The minimum order value is from 5000 rubles.

If you need to shoot objects from different angles, then the number of angles will be equal to the number of photos, i.e. 1 angle - 1 photo.

The cost of photographing large items (sizes from 50x50 cm) is considered individually. Cutting out the background is carried out for a fee of 50 - 150 rubles. depending on the complexity of the subject.

Apply your watermark with your company name or logo for free!

Number of photos

A simple subject,

cost, rub / photo

Medium subject,

cost, rub / photo

Difficult subject,

cost, rub / photo

Up to 300


300 300-400
300 - 1000


240 320
1000 - 2000 130 190 260
2000 - 4000 105 150 210
from 4000 and more 85 120 170


Subject photography process

  1. We agree on the details of the service and you pay 50% for the order.
  2. Our specialists photograph and process photographs. The timing depends on the volume and complexity of the order. For example: photographing and processing 50 simple objects (1 angle) takes 10 working days, complex ones - 15 working days.
  3. You pay extra 50% and get the finished result within the agreed time frame.

How to prepare for a subject photo shoot?

  1. If necessary, clean the goods from dirt and dust.
  2. Select the best samples of goods that are free of defects, scratches, crooked seams, clues, etc.
  3. If the subject of photography is clothing, then it must be ironed.
  4. Remove price tags and tags from goods.
  5. If the photography is in your premises, then:
    1. Free up space for placing our equipment (no less than 3x3 meters).
    2. Prepare a table and a couple of chairs.
    3. Clear the room from dust so that it does not sit on the photographic objects and photographic equipment.


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